Schedule of Fees for training at Hidden Acres Homestead

    Initial Assessment: $75 (Off site assessments require additional mileage fee. 2015 IRS Mileage rates are 57.5 cents per mile).

    Daily Fee: $35 per day (1 week minimum and provided in weekly increments only)     

    -  Assessment occurs wherever you keep your horse and will determine what I would recommend training-wise.

    -  Training is at our farm in House Springs, Missouri

    -  Proof of Negative Coggins, 5-way, Rabies and Strangles are required.

    -  Training fee includes pasture board and one grain feeding a day.  Hay is provided twice a day in winter. Hay and Grain must be owner provided unless horse is staying for 30 days or longer.  A diet transition is an unnecessary health risk for short stays. 

    -  Training under two weeks includes work 7 days a week.  Training over two weeks includes training 6 days a week.    

    -  I require you to attend between 2 and 4 training sessions (depends on length of training) towards the end of the training so that you are well aware of your horse's progress and are prepared to continue your horse's development.

    HHIA Training Methods Defined

    With nearly twenty years of experience working with a wide range of horses, Lisa Wynne has developed and uses her own training methods.  She works with the psychological and physiological challenges a horse may have all while developing the desired skill set in each horse.

    • Lisa determines a horse’s specific physical and psychological needs and meets them based on the horse’s place in the herd hierarchy, life experiences, current situation, and their personality.  When a horse’s needs are met, they can truly come into their own and meet their full potential.

    • Lisa is a firm, but gentle trainer with measured, non-violent responses to each horse’s thoughts and actions based on their background and initial assessment.

    • Lisa is an all inclusive trainer:  While there are key distinctions between breeds, the bottom line is that the “modern horse” as we know horses to be, is a 10,000 year old species.  Human impact through creation of different breeds has not significantly altered the basal instincts or thought processes of the modern horse.

    • Unlike so many other trainers, Lisa is not a text book or recipe-based trainer.  If a step-by-step recipe is followed, horses and riders often end up frustrated and unhappy with the results.  Horses are unique individuals and each has their own concerns that require customization in handling.  Lisa’s goal is always to provide horses and their riders with the tools they need to take their partnership to the next level.