As an older beginning rider (50+ years), Lisa has taught me more about riding and horses than I ever dreamed I could learn.  She is patient, encouraging, creative and helps you build a partnership with the horse based on mutual respect. Her passion for training both riders and horses is inspirational.

-Debbie (Adult Student) 


Holistic Horsemanship Institute of America™ partners with companies and organizations it believes meet integrity levels similar to its own by providing quality products or services.

Basic Equine Gut Health

Order your Gut Health Products here and this partner donates to HHIA!


Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals and United Vet Equine



Big River Equine, LLC

Sara  Allin,  APF, RHDP

Hillsboro, Missouri 63050

River to River Hounds
275 Newton Ln.
Goreville, Illinois 62939

Ballwin Wildlife Rescue Center

1128 New Ballwin Road

Ballwin, Missouri 63021

Long Meadow Rescue Ranch- A Division of the Humane Society of Missouri

480 Joseph's Road

Union, Missouri 63084

Valley Park Elevator & Hardware

2 Marshall Road

Valley Park, Missouri 63088

HHIA Donation Wish List

Supplies are in constant demand here at HHIA! Please consider helping out!

  • Bath Towels
  • Witch Hazel
  • Saline Solution
  • Antibiotic Ointment (without pain relief)
  • Large Gauze Pads
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (not flavored)
  • CoFlex Bandage Wrap
  • Adjustable Nylon Halters with Snap (we go through 2-3 a month)
  • Poly Lead Ropes without Chains (we go through 2-3 a month)
  • 4'x6' stall mats (available at Buchheit or Farm and Home for best pricing)
  • Troxel Legacy or Spirit Schooling Helmets (all sizes, new only)
  • Chicken Feed
  • Sheep Feed and Sheep Mineral Blocks
  • Pot-bellied Pig Feed
  • Horse Treats
  • Baking Soda

Home of the IDT Method™ & the Measured Response™

holistic horsemanshipllc@gmail.com  314.276.3337

Holistic Horsemanship Institute of America™ is a training and rescue organization focused on the horse-human partnership.  Through lessons, clinics, master classes and printed/digital education materials, we teach people how to become a part of the horse’s world.  We help them to understand how a horse works, thinks and interacts with both humans and horses through groundwork and work under saddle.  We teach abused, neglected and “at-risk” horses that their past is over and that people are worth partnering with for their physical and psychological healing as well as long-term well being.  We use a holistic, sustainable approach in our care, philosophy and products.​

HHIA is a low profit business. What this means for our students is that lesson costs are low, but they are fixed and we do not award refunds. The horses at HHIA depend on lesson tuition for feed and care.

Holistic Horsemanship Academy: Remote Training Program

Holistic Horsemanship’s Remote Training Program is an online educational program for people looking to develop or improve their
relationship with their horse in order to begin or continue training their horse.  It will also help continue to develop the person’s horsemanship and riding skills.  The program is a customized guide for horse owners based on their individual needs. Horses are unique individuals and each has their own concerns that require customization in handling.  My
goal is always to provide horses and their riders with the tools they need to
take their partnership to the next level.

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