Other Instructors

Holistic Horsemanship's teaching methods and farm have become so popular that other instructors are nearly always being developed through our Instructor Certification Program.  Download more information to learn more about the program and qualifications of our other instructors.

Melissa Hahn

Level 1 Instructor/Assistant Trainer

Melissa has 13 years of equine experience and teaches private lessons at Hidden Acres Homestead.  She has experience in jumping, English and Western dressage, and teaches beginner to intermediate riders.  She is also an active student with the head trainer, continuously working to raise her skill level.  In addition to teaching, Melissa assists the head trainer in horse training, handles all scheduling and assists in day-to-day business at Holistic Horsemanship.

Areas of Expertise

Lisa works with horses who are facing everything from standard muscle imbalance as a result of non-use and arthritis/sciatica, to broken legs and long term damage from abuse.  She works with horses who have the utmost trust in humans and horses who are scared of or even violent towards humans.  

Lisa is a trainer who can bring out the best in each horse, regardless of the horse's experience or past. The end result is usually a mentally well-adjusted, contented, and physically well-developed horse. 

She then translates her horse training experience into the riding students' world; whether they are beginning or advanced students.  She focuses on relationship building and teaching balanced, centered riding.  To see examples and read more about Training and Lessons, check out the rest of this site!


Raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Lisa A. Wynne got her start in abuse/neglect and injury rehabilitation.  Her primary trainer, Sandra Feole (now retired) of Irish Meadows, recalls a very young Lisa telling her “I want to ride well.”  Irish Meadows proved the perfect location as it was a rescue facility.  Lisa was taught to be able to ride and work with any horse that came her way and to work with that horse in any situation required.

Lisa competed at the collegiate level, as well as managed a small farm and taught lessons while earning her college degree.  She began teaching in the Greater Saint Louis Area in 2006 at Hidden Hollow Horse Park (now Avalon Horse Farm). 

In winter 2012-2013, Hidden Acres Homestead became HHIA’s permanent home.  While Lisa does travel off-site to help people with their horses, the majority of her operations are at Hidden Acres Homestead.

Lisa works with the psychological and physiological challenges a horse may have all while developing the desired skill set in each horse. She has worked with a wide variety of ages (6mo - 36 years), breeds (both standard gaits and easy gaits), and skill sets (not halter trained to problem solving and fine-tuning).  

With two decades of experience, Lisa A. Wynne teaches English Dressage, Jumping, Cross-Country, Western Dressage and Easy-Gaited Riding.  Her equine trainees include Longmeadow Rescue Ranch horses, Off the Track Thoroughbreds, mild to severe abuse/neglect cases, wild horses, horses that reacted poorly to "Natural Horsemanship" training, aggressive horses and more.

Hudson's a handful, but he's the most trusting and affectionate rescue horse I've ever met." 

- Lisa