Personality:  Red is a retired police horse, and it shows in her daily life!  She isn't scared of anything and loves to go.  She has navicular syndrome  but after her first few months of rehab here, she began actively riding again and loves it.  Too much time off makes her sore, so we do our best to keep her in moderate work all of the time.  Behind her strong exterior is a sweet and loving mare.  She is very emotionally in tune with those around her.

Red Ranger, "Red"
Breed: Appaloosa
Age: 26 
Gender: Mare
Best Male Friend: Hudson
Best Female Friend: Sadye
Rank in the Herd: 5th
Family in the herd: None
Riding type: Western
Favorite Part of Riding: Ground poles, western dressage, trails, barrels, and anything else that's fast
Job: Teaching intermediate and advanced riders

Personality:  Grace is all about the rules.  She has a belief system based on what she has learned and she expects everyone else to follow the same rules.  She loves working with children and is very gentle.  She is the diva of the herd, but in a very responsible manner.  Her idea of throwing a fit is pursing her lips and glaring at you.  She is an excellent lead mare and partners well with Hudson (the lead gelding) in their duties.

My Saving Grace, "Grace"
Breed: Morgan
Age: 7 Years Old
Gender: Mare
Best Male Friend: Pistol
Best Female Friend: Anastasia
Rank in the Herd: 1st (With Hudson)
Family in the herd: Anastasia (Sister), Ace (Cousin).
Riding type: English
Favorite Part of Riding: Jumping
Job: Teach young children (any skill level) and advanced riders

Personality:   Ruby is gentle, sensitive and wants to do the best job possible.  She loves hugs and is another "efficiency expert" like Ace. Ruby has a playful streak and enjoys playing with items like her bit, water troughs, cones, brushes and containers.

Rubik's Cube, "Ruby"

Breed: American Saddlebred
Age: 12 Years Old
Gender: Mare
Best Male Friend: Ace
Best Female Friend: Peaches
Rank in the Herd: 10th
Family in the herd: None
Riding type:  English and Western
Favorite Part of Riding: Following her trainer around the arena, trail riding, and dressage
Job: Teaching beginning to advanced riders

Breed: Quarter Horse (with 1/8 Tennessee Walking Horse)
Age: 19 Years Old
Gender: Gelding
Best Male Friend: Hudson
Best Female Friend: Sadye
Rank in the Herd: 5th
Family in the herd: Sadye (mother)
Riding type:  He's a "graduated" horse; he works with everyone and works to their riding level - beginning to advanced.  English and Western
Favorite Part of Riding: Jumping and Fox Hunting, Barrels, Pole Bending
Job: Teaching beginning to advanced riders, fox hunting, and showing

Personality:  Cherokee is sweet and gentle, but has high expectations for his care.  He's super-sensitive to any and all things "wrong," ranging  from horsefly bites to his mane hitting his ears.  He's a bit pesky in the herd because his mom is around to protect him.  He will negotiate with people, but purely to test a person's relationship skills with horses.  Once you're in the saddle, he works to your riding level, but is also classified as a "go" horse.  He is known for his sliding stops to catch falling riders on his neck.

Personality:  Ace is an extremely lovable guy.  He's social with everyone, active in the pasture, and very willing.  He's an "efficiency expert;" does the minimum necessary to get the job done.  It makes him excellent for beginners, young children, and special needs riders. He likes to engage in play in the pasture, but often ends up with bumps, scratches, and bruises because he's at the bottom of the herd hierarchy.  It doesn't stop him from playing games with the other boys!

Sir Morgan of Ace, "Ace"

Breed: Old Government Morgan              

Age: 23 Years Old
Gender: Gelding
Best Male Friend: Hudson
Best Female Friend: Ruby
Rank in the Herd: 14th
Family in the Herd: Ana and Grace (cousins)
Riding Style:  English and Western
Favorite Part of Riding: Teaching children (especially the 3-5 year olds)
Job: Teaching beginning to intermediate riders